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If you are also fond of purchasing flowers online from Brampton florist, then you might also be bothersome about the fact that flowers die after a little while. If you get saddened due to this fact, then here are some flower care tips, provided by Bloomen, especially for flower lovers like you. These tips will surely help you take proper care of fresh flowers and help them last longer than normal.
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So, before we begin the process of taking care of the blooms ordered from the flower shop, you need a few things. These are – vase, water, sharp scissor/knife, flower food and spray bottle. Let’s get started!

  1. Properly clean the vase with soap and water so that there are no bacteria left in it. Lower the bacteria, longer will be the life of the flowers kept in it.
  2. Fill the vase with apt level of water. Suggested is two-thirds full. Less than that can cause hydration issues and more can increase the risk of decaying of the stems. Once the water is up to the required level, open the sachet of flower food (provided by the online florist) and put it inside. This power food will provide all necessary nutrients to the flowers and help them last longer.
  3. Trim the bottom of the flower stems. Cut those at an angle so that the flowers can stay well hydrated. Every few days, trim the stems again up to 2-3 cms. In case you feel that the bottom of the stem feels slimy, you can trim a little more so that the flowers can stay longer being hydrated enough.
  4. Cut the excess leaves so that the petals get all the water. Also, you need to ensure that there are no leaves anywhere close to the water level. If they are there, cut them off before they start rotting and producing bacteria.
  5. Keep an eye on the color of the water. If it starts discoloring, then simply change the water before it starts blocking the stems and hampering the hydration. Every time you change the water, do not forget to put the flower food (purchased from renowned Brampton florist only) in it. Apart from all this, keep spraying fresh water on the flowers so that the petals and stems can stay well hydrated.
  6. At last, make sure that you put the vase in some cool area, away from refrigerators, computers, ripening fruits, direct sunlight and radiators.
Just these few essentials and you can increase the life of flower shop bought blooms manifold. Well, these were the flower care tips. If you want to buy fresh flowers for yourself or your loved ones, then visit the best online florist at Bloomen.ca. Hurry up! Don’t waste any more time.


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